UPDATED 02.03.2015

The GOSH vegan list I posted last week is a little tricky to read on the phone (when you're trying to see it in Superdrug!! haha) so I decided to type it out. Cuz I'm nice like that....

PLEASE VISIT http://www.alienontoast.co.uk/2016/03/gosh-cosmetics-updated-vegan-product.html FOR THE MOST UP TO DATE LIST OF GOSH'S VEGAN ITEMS.

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PLEASE HEAD TO http://www.alienontoast.co.uk/2016/03/gosh-cosmetics-updated-vegan-product.html FOR THE MOST RECENT LIST OF VEGAN ITEMS FROM GOSH.
Makeup Geek recently confirmed to me that their gel liners are vegan. YAY!  So I thought I'd share this news for anyone who was wondering and also post a swatch of the colours that I have.

So they look like this: 

You get 1.8g (0.064 oz) in a pot and they are $7.99 each (that's about £4.80 to us Brits). The only downside is they're only available from the US MUG Site, but the shipping is pretty quick and it's reasonable too.  (Do bear in mind though that you'll get hit with customs charges if you're in the UK, that you'll have to pay when you pick them up from the post office!)

I absolutely love these liners. They are smooth and pigmented, I mean just check out Immortal in the swatch below..... SUPER black and way smoother and creamier than MAC's blacktrack (in my opinion). They are also waterproof and so they're great for the waterline.  They also make a great base for making shadows pop more and last longer.

And here's the colours I have 
L-R: Poison, Mobster, Fame, Amethyst, Immortal, Electric, Mystic

Fame is my absolute favourite. The picture really doesn't do it justice in any way; it is the most beautiful shiny teal colour that look amazing over a neutral, taupey coloured shadow for a pop of colour. Immortal and Mobster are also must haves in my opinion - they are a staple in my bridal makeup kit!

So yeah, big thumbs up from me.

If you want UK only products, here are some other vegan options for gel liner:
Illamasqua Precision Gel Liner (only comes in black) - £18 for 5g (CV)
B. Precise Gel Liner (comes in black and chocolate brown and has a brush included) - £4.66 for 3g (V)

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When I last ordered some stuff from ELF at the end of December, I decided to try out a couple of their Moisturizing Lipsticks. I got 3 colours, Party in the Buff, Flirty & Fabulous and Red Carpet. (The hand swatches were all 2-3 swipes, no primer.)

Firstly "Party in the Buff"

I'm pretty sure that if swatched this on my hand in a shop I wouldn't have bought it. It swatches really orangey and I have a couple of colours like that already.  Here it is on my hand:

But on the lips, it's lovely. OK the lighting is slightly different here, as I took the hand-swatch pics in my lightbox and I can't stick my whole head in the thing! But actually this is pretty true to life. It looks much less orangey on and it's a lovely nude shade.

Secondly "Flirty and Fabulous"

This is a night bright, fuschia pink. I think this would be lovely just with a simple eye look. My camera does unfortunately wash it out a little bit on the swatches.

Lastly, I got "Red Carpet"

This is a bright red that is more blue toned than orangey but is a bit of a cross between a deep cherry red and a brick red. It's a lovely shade - although as my teeth are not the whitest in the world I would prefer a deeper blue-toned red because it makes your teeth look whiter than a more orangey shade.

Forgive my lip swatch - as us lippy lovers know, red lips take time and patience to perfect and I just kind of slapped this on quickly for the pic! Also, the pic has washed this out a little too.

I like the formula of these lipsticks a lot. Their name doesn't lie, they are moisturising and feel very nice on, not drying at all.  The downside of this is that they won't last as long as a matte formula. But I'm ok with this, most lipstick/gloss doesn't really last on me I find anyway (except for Limecrime's Velvetines - those awesome lil suckers stay on ALL NIGHT!!)

I would definitely pick up some other shades of these when I do future orders.

Have you tried these lippies? What do you think and are there any other colours I should pick up next?

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After a few emails to check, Illamasqua confirmed to me today that the following items are suitable for vegans:

Gel Line in Infinity
Precision Ink in Scribe (the other shades are probably ok too because I don't see carmine listed, but I just checked about Scribe as I wanted a white eyeliner!)
Skin Base Foundation
Sealing Gel
Nail Varnishes
Freak Fragrance
Hydra Veil

This list makes me happy because I am a huge fan of Skin Base Foundation and Hydra Veil primer and of the sealing gel; they are all a must-have in my pro-kit for brides etc.

I am a massive fan of the Freak fragrance as well.

Also, their gel liner is fab, so anyone looking for a replacement for MAC Blacktrack / Bobbi Brown / Clinique etc gel liner, now that Estee Lauder brands are no longer cruelty-free, I'd recommend giving this one a try. Actually, I think it's much better than Blacktrack, it's more pigmented for a start!

They also added the following in their email....

"We do have other vegan products, specific to shades so please let me know if there are other products and shades you are interested in knowing the suitability of and I can check this for you."

....so if you do have any specific products give them an email or a tweet and if you find out any other products/shades are vegan, please give me a shout too, so I can edit this post.

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I'm a massive fan of Lee Stafford's products and not just because their packaging is pink. Although that helps.

I discovered them a while back when I was looking for something to deal with my dry, bleach-damaged hair. I bought the Heat Protective Spray after standing in Boots googling on my phone for about 10 minutes to check they were cruelty free, which they are.  So I scanned the labels of a couple of items and they looked good to go. Not long after this, Boots had a 2 for 1 sale on and so I basically stocked up on a bunch of stuff.

Ever since then I've been building up my collection of LS products, pretty much anything I think I need for my hair, this has become my go to brand. So I'm going to list a few of my favourite products below.

Firstly my number one product, the Arganoil Nourishing Miracle Oil. I love this stuff. I rub one pump between my palms and work it into the bottom half of my hair, concentrating on the very ends, which get super dry. I also sometimes use a tiny bit like a serum if my hair is looking a bit frizzy and I'm too lazy to straighten it!

Second is the first thing I ever bought from this range, the Arganoil Miracle Heat Defence Spray. I use this before ALL heat styling, on wet or dry hair. So if I'm both blow-drying and using a heated appliance like a straightener or curling wand (which I try not to do too often), I will use it before both.  I believe that it's a combination of this product and the one above that has helped get my hair to a much MUCH better condition. My hairdresser has commented on it the last couple of times I've seen her, so that is validation enough for me! :o)

Next up is the detangling spray. My hair is fine and colour damaged from years of being an unnatural blonde and so when it's wet it gets really really tangled and knotty. In conjunction with my Tangle Teezer, this makes combing out wet hair WAY less traumatic.  I also sometimes use on my dry hair, this is especially useful if my hair was styled in curly do or backcombed the night before, because that generally means the underneath will be a mass of knots.

Lastly I picked the Shine Head Spray Shine. This does what it says on the tin, so I won't labour it, but I love this to make my hair look healthier and shinier on days when it is looking a bit dull (ie day 2 or 3 hair when I've put dry shampoo in! hahaha - I try to only wash my hair 1-2 times a week to avoid drying it out more than necessary!) I've also just seen on Boot's website that there's now an Arganoil Shine Spray, so I'll probably be trying that when this one runs out.

There are other products I also love but I didn't want this to turn into a rambling behemoth of a post so I just picked my favourite 4.  Also it's worth noting that some of the products can be bought in mini size, so great for travel if you're only taking hand luggage.

UPDATED 27.02.2015
So here's the important bit if you're vegan. after a couple of emails over the holidays, the very helpful lady at Lee Stafford confirmed that ALL PRODUCTS, EXCEPT THE FOLLOWING are suitable for vegans:
  • Hair Growth Conditioner
  • Hair Growth Treatment
  • ARGANOIL® Shampoo
  • ARGANOIL® Conditioner
  • ARGANOIL® Treatment 
  • Frizz OFF Shampoo
  • Frizz OFF Conditioner
  • Frizz OFF Treatment
  • Frizz OFF Smoothing Spray     
  • Oily Roots Dry Ends Conditioner
  • Ubuntu Oils from Africa Blow Dry Smootheee

I must admit I was a little sad about the Arganoil Shampoo & Conditioners not being SFV, because I love the Arganoil range and I probably would've tried them next.  But I still have all the other products I love, so I'm good.  

I'd love to know, have you tried this range?  What's your favourite product?

You can buy Lee Stafford's products in the UK in Boots Stores and from Boots Online.  Lee's Website details where you can buy from if you're elsewhere in the world.

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In case anyone is interested in the makeup I'm wearing in my pic to the right.... here is some info on the products and brushes I used: 

Yeah, I'm all kinds of classy!

It was a pretty simple eye look as I was going with a bold lip.

Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer in Fair 1 and Light 2 (CV)(2 for blemishes and under eyes, 1 for brightening up under eyes and highlighting).
- Blended with a Sigma P80 brush (V)
ELF HD Undereye Setting Powder (V)
- Applied with a Real Techniques Setting Brush (V)
Lily Lolo Mineral Foundation (V) in Warm Peach (V)
- Applied with a bdellium tools Pink Bambu 957 Precision Kabuki Brush (V)
Sleek Contour Kit in Light (AV)
- Applied with a Real Techniques Contour Brush (V)
NYX Blush in Peach (AV)
- Applied with a Real Techniques Duo Fibre Contour Brush (V)

Limecrime Eye Shadow Helper (VI no longer wish to support Limecrime; please google Limecrime controversy for info.
ELF Pressed Mineral Eyeshadow in Miss Popular (V)
- Applied with a bdellium tools Maestro 937 Concealer Brush (V)
MUA Undressed Palette shades 1 & 3 (AV)
ELF Baked Eyeshadow in Burnt Plum (V)
Sleek Ultra Matts V2 Palette, shades Dune and Pillow Talk (for blending & highlighting) and Maple and Paper Bag for deepening the crease (AV)
- All Applied & blended with a Furless Bronze Blending Brush (V).
- And a Furless Pro3M Pencil Brush for the lower lash line
Makeup Geek Gel Liner in Immortal for cat eye and in waterline/tightline (CV)
- Applied with a Furless PPM2 Angle brush (V)
- Waterline set with darkest shade from MUA Undressed Palette, using Sigma E17 Waterline Brush (CV)
Barry M Lash Vegas Mascara (V)
Anastasia Brow Wiz in Ash Blonde (AV)

OCC Lip Tar in Harlot (V)
- Applied with the brush it comes with

Pouty McSerious Face!

 Eyeball close up!

UK Suppliers
You can buy ELF products at: EyesLipsFace UK
You can buy OCC, bdellium, Sigma & Real Techniques from Cocktail Cosmetics
You can buy NYX from NYX UK I no longer support NYX as they are now owned by L'Oreal.

You can buy MUA from Superdrug stores, online or from MUA UK
You can buy Sleek from Superdrug, some Boots & Tescos stores or from Sleek UK
You can buy Barry M from Superdrug, Boots, some supermarkets or from BarryM
You can buy Collection from Superdrug, Boots, some supermarkets or from Collection
You can buy Anastasia Beverly Hills from Cult Beauty (or from their US site if you wanna pay extra customs charges!)
You can buy Makeup Geek Products from Makeup Geek. Shipping is reasonable but be aware there'll be customs costs.
You can buy Furless from Furless; shipping costs are very reasonable.
You can buy Lily Lolo from LilyLolo
So I'm kicking off my newly rebooted blog with a review of the latest offering from Sleek Makeup.  Their Garden of Eden iDivine eyeshadow palette.

Sadly, it's limited edition; sadly because it's gorgeous.

Firstly a tiny little baby gripe .... a plastic insert with the shade names on! Yuck. I wish that the shade names were somewhere on the body of the palette so you don't have to keep this thing that constantly falls out and flies around your bedroom! GAHH.  Also, foam tip applicator. A FOAM TIP APPLICATOR!  I think it's time companies started doing away with these. If they did, there'd be more room in the palette for, I dunno... shade names??  Gah.

So vent over. I will let the above go and calmly breathe, because this palette is less than a tenner (£7.99 to be precise) and it's lovely.  Most of the colours are really pigmented, they are smooth and they blend well, just like all of Sleek's palettes. Also, the colours are super pretty.  So here's the outer packaging.

Inside shot

Below are swatches of the colours. All the swatches are done dry, 2 swipes with no primer underneath.

Swatch of Top Row 
(L-R = 'Gates of Eden', 'Eve's Kiss', 'Paradise on Earth', 'Python', 'Forbidden' and 'Flora'. 
Swatches of Bottom Row 
(L-R = 'Entwined', 'Adam's Apple', 'Fig', 'Evergreen', 'Fauna', 'Tree of Life'.

And a close up of Fig, Evergreen, Fauna & Tree of Life as it's a bit tricky to see them on the above pic.

Hopefully you can see in the swatches that most of the colours are shimmery. There's 3 matte colours ('Flora' on the top row, 'Adam's Apple' and 'Tree of Life' on the bottom row.) Really this could do with a slightly lighter matte brown than Flora, to serve as a nice transition colour. The palette could also benefit from an off-white matte for brow bone highlighting, rather than the light matte green that is Adam's Apple.  That shade isn't particularly pigmented and I'd probably only really use it for blending out the darker greens, if ever. Over a white sticky eye base, this might show up better.

All in all, I really like this palette and if you like greens and shimmery earthy tones, it's definitely for you.  

Here's a couple of eye looks I did with the palette.  (My computer shows the pictures as pretty washed out, my phone shows them as pretty true to life!)

Firstly using Fauna and Evergreen on the lid, Python in the crease and a bit of tree of life on the outer v. (Please ignore my terrible brows, I had them threaded the day after this!)

Secondly a more neutral look using Eve's Kiss and Python. I wish Eve's Kiss showed up a bit better in this pic because it really is a lovely lovely colour.

Available from Superdrug stores, online and Sleek's website for £7.99.

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Hello old friend.

If you are subscribed to this blog but totally forgot you were, you could be forgiven for that! I haven't posted on it in over a year and I have now deleted all the old posts, because a lot of them were not that useful and also used a lot of products I mentioned are not vegan and a lot are no longer cruelty free. :(

I am not sure why I didn't do so before, but I felt that if I were to relaunch this blog, it would be only right to give it a makeover and keep it vegan, like me!

So stay tuned for some posts about products I'm loving, I have some planned for the next couple of days.

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